Dealing with a Diffilcult Situation

One day workshop to help you understand and manage difficult client, colleagues and situations.

This practical workshop develops skills for people so that they have the ability to lead difficult individuals out of unproductive situations to improved performance and better working relationships .You will be able to develop techniques and strategies to anticipate problem people and confront them assertively and stop trouble from escalating. You will develop vital observation and communication skills and address confrontation for co-operation and resolve conflict. Through a series of group exercises, theoretical situations, case studies and discussions, you will learn ways to manage difficult situations and people. This workshop presents attendees with key skills to develop strategies to feel confident with anyone and to achieve better outcomes when dealing with difficult people, clients and in any situation.

This workshop covers the following:-

  • Things that typically annoy your clients
  • Valuing differences of people in the workplace
  • What motivates some people but not others
  • Developing effective communication
  • Observing difficult people through observing clients and customers
  • Assess your options and plan to overcome problems
  • Identifying the difference between passive/assertive/aggressive
  • Questioning/listening skills
  • Confronting people ΓΆ€“ not avoid
  • Helping people deal with change
  • Working for co-operation
  • Being objective
  • Negotiating solutions
  • Taking the heat out of the situation
  • Managing how to calm an upset person down
  • Ways to deal with abusive customers
  • How to control your feelings
  • Stress management techniques