JOB Seekers FAQ̢۪s

What qualifications do I require?
If the position you apply for is a registered profession then you need to show proof of registration. In some positions you may also require a minimum of a Cert III but your consultant would advise you of that once you have applied.

Do you offer opportunities in other states or countries?
Yes, We have clients with requirements in every state of Australia, and in over 40 countries around the world. It is best to mention that in your CV where you are wanting to work and we can give you some advice on options.

What̢۪s your rate of pay?
That information is based on your experience and would only be provided to you once you have passed our interview stage and we have been able to assess your level according to the relevant award.

Are there any permanent opportunities?
Yes we do both Permanent & Contract hires

What do I need to bring with me at interviews?
You need to bring in 100 points of ID, including passport or birth certificate to show your proof of right to work in Australia (it is a legal requirement even if you are Australian), copies of any competencies you already have completed and are up to date, copies of any qualifications you have applicable to the role you are applying for, information on referee̢۪s we can contact, and banking and tax details. Your consultant may have additional requirements but you will be advised of exactly what to bring with you when your interview time is booked with you.

Do you offer Work Visa Sponsorship?
No, we don̢۪t however we have few other clients/company̢۪s who can sponsor under a 457 (Business Sponsorship) Labor agreement that can help if we have suitable candidate.

Do you offer training?
Yes we have training on offer, again it differs in each location. Training may be run by external training companies either at our offices or at their training sites or run through internally. Please check our training section and consult our Consultant.

Contractor̢۪s or Employee̢۪s FAQ̢۪s

How do I submit the Time Sheets
All your time sheets need to be submitted on weekly basis as per the Pay Schedule, submission of the time sheets after the cutoff date will delay in your payments. Time sheets need to be authorized/signed by the reporting manger and the client as well. Please email your time sheets to accounts@peopleply.com.

When would I get paid?
Your pay is processed as per the pay schedule upon successful receipt of your clearly completed and authorized time sheets. The funds will be released to the banks on Wednesday, this means you have access to your pay from Thursday but this may differ depending on your bank. In a week with a public holiday in it, this affects the number of days payroll has to prepare pays, so your pay is processed and paid one day later.

Do you pay for travel & accommodation?
This depends on the client and the location you are going to.

Can I travel to contracts with my husband/ wife / pets/ children?
In some locations you can, it will depend on the accommodation facilities available. It is usually the more rural locations that may allow this. Regional areas where there are larger hospitals usually don̢۪t have the facilities to cater for this. But it is best to check with a Contracts team consultant to discuss your specific location of interest for the most accurate advice.

What questions are inappropriate to ask a person with a disability?
You should not ask questions that are not necessary, or that you would not ask a person without a disability. For example, do not ask how they acquired their disability or what medication they are taking. According to the law, these sorts of questions could only be used to discriminate against a person. Instead, you should ask about any adjustments they may need to perform their role safely and effectively.

Do you offer Salary Packaging?
Yes we do offer Salary packaging options however, this will be based on the individual circumstances. Please contact our consultants for more details