Microsoft Excel 2003/2007/2010

One on One (1/2 day), Small or Large Groups (1/2 to 1 day)
MS Excel is one of the most popular pieces of software ever written, however it is also the most misused. Most current training focuses on the main features of Excel – but how do we use it to do our work more productively? How can I use it to solve basic business issues and make my life easier?

The People Ply with Excel is a session designed for users of Excel. It is suggested that participants have a working knowledge of Excel before attending this session.

We focus on making the most of complex office applications. Our IT training Specialists teach you good work practices in order to achieve greater personal Productivity using Microsoft Excel. We take popular business problems and Workshop ways to solve them in a motivating, non threatening manner.You’ll learn lots of shortcuts and ways to get MS Excel working in a manner that makes you less stressed, more productive and more likely to achieve your goals.

Workshop Modules
Laying out the Worksheet in Excel

  • The Excel Screen
  • General and Edit Options
  • Setting up Columns and Rows that are effective for your application
  • Data Entry Features
Working with Databases
  • Getting Data into the Right Shape
  • Filtering and Subtotalling
  • The Power of Pivot Tables
Using Large Worksheets
  • Some Excel Trivia
  • Manipulating the Views
  • Splitting Windows and Freezing Panes
  • Easy ways to get around
Working with Text and Data
  • Importing Text Files
  • Converting Text to Columns
  • Data Validation.
Working with Multiple Worksheets
  • Positioning Worksheets
  • Easily Enter and Format Data across Worksheets
  • How to use 3D Formulas
Creating Better Charts
  • Charting
  • Formatting an Axis
  • Changing the Axis Scale
  • Using a Secondary Axis
  • Formatting Charts
What If Analysis
  • Using Formulas & Functions
  • Using Variables
  • Looking at other Data Analysis Features
Working with Multiple Workbooks
  • Creating Links to other Workbooks
  • Creating Formulas that use Links
  • Maintaining and Updating Links
  • Creating a Workspace with Multiple Workbooks

What Are the Sources of Creativity and Innovation in Individuals?
A variety of theorists, using case studies, experiments and a variety of research methods, have attempted to better understand the sources of creativity and innovation in individuals. While these efforts have contributed significantly to broadening our comprehension of the subject, there is nonetheless disagreement between theorists and many hypotheses that remain to be fully substantiated.

The challenge lies partially in the nature and definition of creativity itself. Broad, complex and multi-faceted, creativity can take many forms and can be found within a variety of contexts. It is embodied by individuals with a broad range of personal characteristics and backgrounds. It appears that the only rule is that there are no hard and fast rules concerning the sources of creativity. As such, the following paragraphs synthesize the current viewpoints, with the caveat that our understanding of the topic is still a work in progress. Cognitive psychology provides the most prolific and developed perspective on the sources of individual creativity.