Payroll Management

Payroll Management

At Peopleply we bring you the advantages of leading payroll/HR systems as well as the experience and dedication of payroll practitioners. You can avail all these advantages along with regulatory compliance requirements set by the government without having to invest in the required resources. You also save on having to maintain the required resources.

At Peopleply we offer you the best of both payroll as well as salary packaging. Hence you can just make one transfer under the head of ‘total cost of payroll’ and we at Peopleply will handle the rest for you.

The benefits of seeking payroll services from Pepleply:

  • Secure and confidential
  • We manage all aspects of payroll on behalf of our clients
  • Only one transfer is required for all payroll requirements irrespective of the number of employees or the complexity of their salary packages
  • Save on payroll administration as the team at Peopleply fulfils all your payroll requirements
  • The resources that are currently engaged in payroll administration can be utilized for other purposes that help achieve the goals of the organisation/business
  • The payroll services provided by Peopleply ensure that the HR staff do not have to waste time on enquiring details from the employees and instead can focus on other productive activities
  • The payroll services provided by Peopleply are in compliance with superannuation, workers compensation legislation, ATO and payroll tax Save on technology upgradation cost yet enjoy the advantages and benefits of the latest technology
  • Reduce the loss of intellectual capital
  • Services to employees relieve the HR staff of many duties to concentrate on core activities of the company/business.
  • Compliance with the latest regulations governing payroll and salary packaging

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