Referral Programs

Referral programs are a great success, owing to the mutual benefits received by both parties. This kind of recruitment strategy is time saving, besides being cost effective, only when designed and planned right by an experienced firm like us. This does not mean referral program is the only cost effective way for recruitment. Placement firm have already pooled the cream of talent and trainees enrolled with us, can refer similar candidates. This way, we get additional talent and they will also be recognized for their effort of referring us. Having that said, a referral program is not always restricted to an organization and placement firms also make effective use of this program.

The way referral programs are managed and responded to, dictates its success. A referred resume has to be looked up and investigated without delays, like we do, to retain the faith of an employee referring us. Delays and irresponsible handling, or circumventing resumes, will not benefit anyone. We handle all referral professionally and referral bonuses are provided. We also do shortlisting and screen all candidates who enroll with us. Suitable candidates who need additional training are suggested training, and only suitable candidates are put through affiliated organizations.

Since we deal with Human Resource Management as a whole, we undertake training and nurturing of candidates. All referred candidates are taken care of and placed at the earliest. Our firm conceives, creates and executes referral programs to perfection, to get quality top notch candidates for organizations affiliated with us. Even so, organizations should take measures and incorporate ways to test candidateĂ¢€™s skills and abilities, well before hiring. Our referral programs are reward based and hence, fetch only suitable candidates. Since all referrals bonuses are based on the candidates being referred and how they fair, placement opportunities they get, etc., the quality of candidates remain high.