Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management

With the timesheet management services provided by Peopleply recording of the tasks completed by the employees on a timeline basis becomes more accurate and simple. The time management services thus provided also involves the use of system monitors that automatically generate timesheets for each employee so that the employer can track the employee working hours comfortably.

At Peopleply we provide a timesheet management system that also tracks regular working hours and then calculates the payroll. The payroll thus calculated through the timesheet management system also tracks off time payments as well as the overtime payments. The employers can also obtain a detailed breakdown of the tasks completed.

The timesheet management system can also be utilized by the HR staff in functions like project management, project estimation as well as project costing and project tracking. The HR staff can also use to timesheet management system provided by Peopleply to gain a comprehensive view of all the projects in progress within the organization/company/business.

The timesheet management system provided by Peopleply allows the analysis of the cost, profit or loss of every task.

Benefits of using the timesheet management services from Peopleply :

  • Save on costs of timesheet management administration
  • Ensure compliance with the contract terms and conditions
  • Engage HR staff in core activities of the organization/company/business rather than wasting time in timesheet management
  • Time sheet management report can be used in various HR functions
  • Time sheet management report can be used in various HR functions and redesign the activities of the organization/company/business
  • Improve project costing, scheduling and estimation
  • Use the time sheet management report for leave record management as well as attendance management
  • The time sheet management can also be used for competency management as well as performance appraisal
  • The time sheet management reports are transmitted through secure environment which the employer and employee can access through a user name and password provided.
  • Efficiently manage overtime claims and off duty claims through time sheet management reports.

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